When you need a lawyer, you need one with experience, skills, competency, and above all, personal and professional integrity. Your lawyer should have experience in dealing with cases like yours. He or she should have excellent communication, persuasion, and negotiation skills to achieve the best possible results in a timely and cost-saving manner. A lawyer, who has reputation for integrity and competency among judges and other lawyers, can achieve more for you in less time and money than one who lacks these qualities. You should hire a lawyer who knows not only the law but also the legal system and the players who can impact the outcome of your case. You need a lawyer who is compassionate, flexible, and affordable.

Djenita Pasic is a multinational, multilingual business attorney with experience in mergers and acquisitions, general corporate, international law, and trade compliance matters. For eight years she has practiced law with Frost Brown Todd as a member of its International Services Group. She has also counseled a number of European and American businesses in their business and legal matters through her consulting company, Brainswork USA, where she continues to serve as General Counsel and Chief Networking Officer for the United States. Since 2005, Djenita began a teaching career as visiting professor at international business schools teaching International Commercial Contracts in Lebanon and France. She has also taught transactional corporate courses as an adjunct professor at her alma mater, Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at University of Louisville.

As a partner at Pasic and Lewis, Djenita has joined Todd Lewis to assist the growing immigrant population in the Louisville Metro area. Her practice is now focused on the needs of ordinary people who have been injured or wronged and who do not know how to navigate the complex legal system in the United States. Together with Todd Lewis and their network of colleagues versed in various areas of law, Djenita has been assisting her clients in need of representation in personal injury, workers’ compensation, social security disability, workplace discrimination, estate planning, immigration and other matters.

As a passionate advocate for civil and human rights, Djenita is a member of many non-profit organizations, and serves on the Boards of Directors of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Kentucky Refugee Ministries, among others. Since her permanent resettlement to the United States due to the war in her home-country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Djenita has been a vocal advocate for Bosnian immigrants, locally and nationally. She serves on the boards of Bosnian-American Advisory Council for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is a founding member and former President of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian-American Academy of Arts and Sciences (BHAAAS). She has received numerous recognitions and awards for her civic engagements and is often an invited speaker and participant at various events.

Todd Lewis is one of Kentucky’s most recognized names in criminal law. During Lewis’s 15 years of experience, he served as Executive Director of Special Prosecutions with the Kentucky Attorney General, Assistant Attorney General, Division Chief in the Office of Commonwealth’s Attorney, and Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney. During this time, Lewis personally handled approximately 30 criminal trials, and prosecuted hundreds more. Lewis has handled and tried cases ranging from capital murder to multi-million dollar financial fraud; from elder abuse to child abuse; from public corruption to campaign finance crimes. Lewis has appeared in courts across the Commonwealth, from Eastern Kentucky to the Purchase Area in Western Kentucky.

Read about Lewis’s cases and trials, publications, teaching and awards here.

Police Officers and Public Officials

Todd Lewis knows the value of public servants, having been a public employee on nearly every level, and having worked with them for nearly 20 years. Public servants are often held to a much higher standard. Sometimes, they seem like an easy target for others. Even when innocent of claims against them, they must be aware of negative public perceptions created by the accusations of others. If you find yourself in this situation, you need a lawyer that has a proven track record of non-partisan representation. Lewis represents police officers and public and elected officials in civil, criminal and administrative matters of all kinds, in all levels of courts and tribunals throughout the Commonwealth. Lewis puts to work his unique knowledge and experience with local, county and state government across the Commonwealth. If you would like to schedule a confidential meeting with Lewis, call the office and ask for his private business mobile number. All contact and inquiries are treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Business Fraud Victims

Lewis specialized as a prosecutor in white collar, fraud, public corruption and financial offenses for over twelve years. If you believe your business or government entity has been victimized by internal or external fraud, abuse or corrupt practices, put Lewis and his associates to work for you today. Lewis can assemble an unrivaled team of experts to investigate, advise, and litigate if necessary, corporate and governmental fraud, waste and abuse.These types of cases are often very document and labor-intensive, attracting only lawyers of the strongest work ethic. In today’s environment of drastic government cut-backs, a business or local government who believes they have been victimized can not afford to wait to protect its business assets. needs to be thoroughly prepared and understand all their options long before deciding to involve law enforcement or seek civil justice remedies. able to approach these problems on their own terms, and with the utmost sensitivity until they are prepared By the same token, persons accused of wrongdoing in the business environment deserve an advocate who is capable of scrutinizing all the details of the government’s case, and ensuring their rights are protected. If you are accused of a business, white collar, or financial fraud, Lewis will consider representing you if it is consistent with ethical principles.

Abuse of Disabled and Elderly

Lewis is well-known across Kentucky for his fight on behalf of the Commonwealth’s seniors and disabled persons. He has been honored to serve as the founder of the state’s first prosecutorial Elder Abuse Unit, where he handled and supervised hundreds of cases involving elderly and disabled adults. Lewis served for several years as Chief Editor and contributing author of the state’s “Elder Abuse Manual for Prosecutors,” and as author, editor, and “star” of the instructional film “Training for

Prosecution of Crimes Against the Elderly.

Lewis has conducted trainings and teaching seminars on elder abuse for law enforcement, social workers, prosecutors, bank officials, community organizations, and college students for over ten years.

Representation of Ordinary People

In all this time, Lewis has never forgotten his origins, where as an intern and staff attorney with Legal Aid, he represented poor clients and handled civil jury trials in cases ranging from consumer fraud to landlord/tenant disputes.Todd Lewis grew up in a small town in rural area Southern Ohio, where his father was a diesel mechanic and war veteran; and his mother was a hairdresser. From humble beginnings, both know and demonstrate the long-term value of hard work, common sense, and respect for other people, better than anyone Todd has ever met. Todd became and Eagle Scout at 16, and received his undergraduate degree from the University of Cincinnati in 1992, ranked 29th in a graduating class of 1137. He worked throughout college as busboy, waiter, laundry attendant, and factory worker; and received such prestigious scholarships as the Murray and Agnes Season Good Government Fellowship. Lewis spent college spring breaks volunteering for the Christian Appalachian Project in Eastern Kentucky. Lewis received his law degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Law, where he worked during law school as an extern for Federal District Judge Hermann Weber; worked as an assistant to his Administrative Law professor; worked as a licensed intern with Northern Kentucky Legal Aid Society for two years; held an externship with the Hamilton County Public Defender’s Office; and worked a summer for APPALRED Legal Services in the mountains of Southeast Kentucky.It was during college that Lewis first put roots into Kentucky, beginning in 1989 when he worked as a volunteer for the Christian Appalachian Project. Throughout college and law school, Lewis worked in Kentucky, and eventually moved to Louisville in 1997, following the rest of his family, who had moved years before. Lewis began as an attorney at the Legal Aid Society of Louisville, where he conducted several successful trials in consumer and housing disputes in the first years of his life as a lawyer. Lewis is married to Kara Stinson Lewis, originally of Henry County, Kentucky, who is currently a public defender with the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy and member of Harvey Brown Presbyterian Church.

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