Corporate Law

Djenita Pasic specializes in Corporate or Business Law. This area of law encompasses the many established rules, statues, codes and regulations, which govern commercial relationships and provide a legal framework within which businesses may be conducted and managed.

Our firm has represented U.S. and foreign clients in a broad range of international matters. Our multicultural team of lawyers consists of experienced and dedicated international practitioners who understand the differences in legal systems and customs.

We serve our clients in a variety of commercial transactions, joint ventures, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, establishing U.S. owned entities abroad, establishing foreign-owned entities in the U.S., arbitrating issues with U.S. international anti-bribery laws (Foreign Trade Corrupt Practices Act- FCPA), as well as all areas of contract drafting, negotiations, and dispute resolution, formation of business entities, sale of business entities, mergers and acquisitions, and distributorship agreements.

Corporate Law
  • Contract drafting, negotiations, & dispute resolution
  • Formation of Business Entities
  • Assistance with set-up of U.S. owned Entities Abroad
  • Set-up of Foreign owned Entities in the U.S.
  • Domestic & International general business matters
  • Sale of Business/Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Distributorship Agreements
  • Issues with U.S. International Anti-Bribery Laws (Foreign Trade Corrupt Practices Act- FCPA)
Business Fraud Victims

Todd Lewis specialized as a prosecutor in white collar, fraud, public corruption and financial offenses for over twelve years. If you believe your business  or government entity has been victimized by internal or external fraud, abuse or corrupt practices, put us to work for you today. Ou firm can assemble an unrivaled team of experts to investigate, advise, and litigate if necessary, corporate and governmental fraud, waste and abuse.

These types of cases are often very document and labor-intensive, attracting only lawyers of the strongest work ethic. In today’s environment of drastic government cut-backs, a business or local government who believes they have been victimized can not afford to wait to protect its business assets. Clients need to be thoroughly prepared and understand all their options before deciding to involve law enforcement or seek civil justice remedies. Our attorneys are able to approach these problems on their own terms, and with the utmost sensitivity.

Let our experienced business lawyers guide you through these rules, statutes, codes, and regulations.

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