Criminal Defense


Todd Lewis

Todd Lewis, former Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney and director of prosecutions for the Kentucky Attorney General, joins Kahloon in putting a decade and a half of experience to work for our firm’s clients.

When you need a criminal defense lawyer, legal experience means everything . . .

When it comes to defending his clients, Kahloon and Lewis take nothing for granted. They know that a false allegation, mistaken identification, botched police investigation, suppression of favorable evidence, police misconduct, or coerced confessions can easily lead to innocent individuals being wrongfully convicted. (As a prosecutor Kahloon helped exonerate an individual wrongly accused by police as a serial bank robber.

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To achieve favorable results for his clients, Kahloon and Lewis understand the value of cooperating with investigators and prosecutors when doing so could keep their clients from getting charged. But they also believe that if charges cannot be avoided or solved by agreement of the parties, the client’s best interests demand aggressive pre-trial investigation, pre-trial motion practice, and a sound trail strategy. If an unfortunate conviction cannot be avoided, Khalid Kahloon works hard to minimize the attendant consequences of a conviction – length of imposed probation or sentence, immigration consequences, employment consequences, property forfeiture, fines and restitution, etc.

If you or a family member is faced with an unexpected need for a criminal defense lawyer, Khalid Kahloon and Todd Lewis stand ready to defend you faithfully with all their energy, skills, and experience. Please feel free to contact us at 502-261-7200 or by email at In emergency call Khalid at 502-608-6177 or Todd at 502-550-4139 at any time of day or night.

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