Peace of mind, dignity, strength, resolve, and compassion are principles we strive to infuse in every matter we handle. Whether you have been injured at work, on the highway, in a place of business or by a doctor or hospital, we believe you are entitled to an attorney that will treat you with dignity and respect.

We believe when you hire an attorney you ought to be able to speak with that attorney. We believe in pursuing your matter until its full value is realized or until you are satisfied with the result. We believe to represent you we must know you and will endeavor to build a relationship with you that will last long after your matter is closed. We believe the best advertising is satisfied clients.

We believe that the one that hurts everyday should make the decisions; that is why at Pasic & Lewis, PLLC, you will be involved in your case every step of the way. We know that when your life is turned upside down by someone else’s negligence, it’s frustrating and depressing.

We understand the emotional and financial toll an injury can cause. We will work hard for you to ease that burden as much as possible. Most importantly, we believe that you are a friend to be helped, not simply a case to be worked.

Our attorneys will be happy to discuss your worker’s compensation case with you.

We offer a free consultation, and we will be paid only when and if we win or settle your case.

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