KPL Welcomes Pakistani Attorney and Leading Woman, Sara Ali

The partners of Kahloon, Pasic & Lewis, join in welcoming Pakistani attorney, journalist and thinker, Sara Ali. Sara

Ali is an attorney based in Lahore and is working with the Research Society of International Law, an international law think-tank based in Pakistan. She has worked in the development sector prior to joining RSIL where she was actively engaged in human rights issues particularly women and gender issues. Her areas of research and interest are death penalty, water scarcity and water management, women rights and labor rights such as the rights of the domestic workers in Pakistan.

She has also written extensively in the leading newspapers of Pakistan including the Express Tribune and Daily Times and has a paper published on International Criminal Court exploring the importance of ICC in promoting global justice.

She is visiting the U.S and interning at the Kahloon, Pasic and Lewis Law Associates to understand and learn about the American legal system and application of the rule of law.